Sore Muscles

Sore Muscles – A Tale of Past

Muscles are responsible for movement of our body. As they are the only tissue in our body that has the ability to contract, they are responsible for moving other parts of the body. Similarly, the contraction of muscles is an integral part in pumping of blood. Muscles around blood vessels contract themselves to transport blood to those parts that are far from the heart. Muscles also protects other organs including bones. All these key features signify the importance of smooth muscular structure.

In this fast world where our lives are so busy and hectic, our muscles are working all the time. Therefore, there are all the chances in the world that they get fatigued. We need to take good care of our muscles and for that we need to know the techniques to reduce muscle soreness. The techniques that can be used for healing muscle soreness are as follows.

Weight Training

The first and most influential way of treating sore muscles is to make them stronger. This way the endurance of muscles increases and the ability to sustain fatigue rises. Weight training can be performed in two different ways. Smaller sets with heavy weights and longer sets with light weights. Both versions have same effect on the muscles. The case where there are high number of repetitions, muscle-building response is much better.

In both cases, you have to reach a level where your muscles feel fatigued. As the strength of your muscles grow, you must increase the weight or the repetitions in order to reach the fatigue level. The advantages of using weight training for treating sore muscles are:

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Blood Sugar Levels are maintained
  • Bone Density and Joints are maintained
  • Good Muscle Structure adds to your Beauty

An alternative used for increasing muscular strength is the use of different steroids, including anabolic steroids. These steroids were developed to cure cancers and AIDS but they can be used to enhance metabolism and growth rate of muscles. Anabolic steroids carry fatal side effects and must not be used for this purpose.

Hot and Cold Showers

Alternating between hot and cold showers can help you to reduce muscle fatigue. This follows the principle of increased blood flow. The primary cause of muscle soreness is the inflammation caused inside muscles. This contrasted showers reduces this inflammation as temperature of water changes continuously. This is a good way to relax yourself after a hectic day.


Massage is a good way to relax your stiff muscles. The application of pressure on your muscles helps in eliminating inflammatory feelings from your muscles. They should be used once in a while because frequent massages can make you dependent on them, which is not recommended.

Sore muscles can cause serious discomfort. Hence, we must train our muscles to cope with our daily routines. Having said that, we must not look for shortcuts like anabolic steroids for making our muscles tough. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure a healthy and peaceful life.