Tips On How To Stay Healthy At Every Decade Of One’s Life

Aging can be depressing. As we grow old, our favorite day of the year (our birthday) becomes our worst nightmare. Its true that no one wants to grow old, but that’s an aspect of life none of us can avoid. On the brighter side, we can always look at ways through which we can manage to look younger, despite the increasing age count. After all, it is true that age is just a number!

Starting from the most happening decade of your life: the 20’s

This is a time period when everyone is discovering themselves; their likes, dislikes, interests, beliefs, what they desire from life, etc. Discovering yourself is one thing but keeping track of your health and nutrition is another. Make sure you indulge in some physical activity for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis. Whether it’s a sport or a quick run/jog, you need it.

This will reduce your risk of heart diseases in the future, making you a lot healthier than you will ever imagine. You also need to realize how your bones begin to wear off when you’re half way through your 20’s. So, to avoid that osteoporosis in the future, you need to put all those technology engraved gadgets away and focus on movement. When we say movement, we mean literal motion; skip, dance or jump, but don’t just sit around like a couch potato.

Moving on to the next era of your life: the tangling 30’s

At this point in your life, you would have probably figured out who you are and what exactly you want from life (this may not always be the case, hence, the ‘probably’). You might be feeling overloaded with work at home, with children or at the office but that doesn’t give you the signal to neglect your health.

Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep (round about 8 hours), consume healthy food and workout in a routine. You might also be taking interest in retirement plans but let us remind you that your health is as important. Think about consulting a physical therapist just like you plan on going to a financial adviser for your retirement plans. You’ll be more grateful for the visit you made to the health doctor than the financial analyst a couple of years down the road.

Many individuals suddenly become risk averse in their 30’s. Despite the fact that it is good to be adventurous and add a little thrill to your life, make sure that you don’t overdo it to the point where it puts strains on your physical health.

Coming on to the age of wisdom: the fabulous 40’s

Now is the time where you need to get real serious about your health. If not now, later will be too late. Laying down or sitting down excessively can be extremely harmful to one’s health. Health specialists say that you should keep moving and not stay in one position for more than an hour. Stop sticking to the same exercise and workout routines you’ve been following since decades.

Take on new activities and sports such as aerobics or palates. If you’re a woman going through bladder issues after giving birth to your baby, know that it is common but not normal. You should definitely get it checked before it gets worse. Many of your body parts will ache, but that doesn’t mean you have to get used to it? No way! Try looking for ways to treat the pains; natural remedies or exercise rather than resorting to medicine.

Reaching half a century: the terrific 50’s

This is the crucial time where the actual aging process commences. Make sure you travel (whether its for personal or work purpose), but take your workouts with you. Keep your iron and vitamins intake in check, as often this is the time when deficiencies arise.

Try to balance yourself on one leg for a few seconds, if you fail to do so, it’s a cause for concern. Work on it! Stay up and about every day as staying fit while you can is what will help you survive till the end.

Follow through this guide for a healthy and carefree living!