Acne pimple patches

Top 10 Pimple Patches To Clear Acne Overnight

Don’t you wish for clear acne-free skin? Pimples or acne are caused either due to hormonal imbalance or pollution. Are you tired of using all kinds of household remedies as well as pimple treatment creams? If all these failed to help you out with the problems of acne and pimples, then why don’t you try out pimple patches?

Pimple patches are also referred to as pimple or acne healing patches. These are small and translucent stickers that can easily stick to a pimple or acne. These are a type of hydrocolloid dressing. It works wonders for pimple prone skin by efficiently absorbing the excess amount of fluids and then pulling out all the “superficial debris” from deep inside the acne or pimple. Thus, it provides you with clear and radiant skin which is free from any kinds of breakouts.

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Check out the list of top 10 pimple patches that you can buy to clear acne or pimples overnight:

  1. Alba Botanica Acnedote Pimple Patches

These tiny patches powerfully as well as effectively draw out the excess fluids and oils from stubborn pimples. This not only helping to accelerate the curing procedure by keeping your skin moist but also keeps out bacteria which includes bacteria on your finger’s tips. This product is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates and is made up of 100% vegetarian ingredients.

This product helps in:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Effectively pulls out fluids away from pimples
  • Preventing you from touching the affected area
  • Squish Flower Power Acne Patches

Squish offers pimple patches that look awesomely cute. They offer adorable flower power patches that don’t look odd when applied on the face. These products are not only super cute but are very effective. They are ideal for people with sensitive skin. These cute flowery façade helps in removing the not so cute zits easily and thus provide you with radiant skin.

  • Acne Pimple Master Patch

This is an awesome Korean product. This pimple patch has won numerous awards which includes a beauty award and is quite famous among its users for all good reasons. These are thin stickers which will easily stay sticking on your skin without drying out your skin. Moreover, the packet contains 24 pieces and can be bought for only $5.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots

Peter Thomas Roth offers an awesome pack of innovative, clear patches which are designed for targeting pimples or acne and helps in eradicating them from your skin without drying out your skin. This amazing product does not contain any kinds of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. You can get 72 dots at quite a reasonable price.

  • Truly CBD Acne Patches

Truly’s CBD Acne Patches are a great product for those suffering from acne and pimples. These are uniquely designed and formulated with the best quality of Salicylic acid and CBD. These patches not only treat your skin with the best acne-fighting ingredients but also help in reducing post inflammation as well as speed up the healing process. Clean your face thoroughly and then apply the patch on the pimple and for optimal results leave it overnight.

  • C&C by Clean & Clear Over Zit Spot Patches

The C&C by Clean & Clear Over Zit Spot Patches is one of the best products to consider if you are looking for a good pimple patch that can absorb the dirt and fluids from the pimples. This product contains an important ingredient called Hydrocolloid which works wonders for acne-prone skin. Moreover, this product is also paraben-free, gluten-free and does not contain sulfate.

  • Dr. Jart+ Focuspot Blemish Micro Tip Patch

Dr. Jart+ Focuspot offers some of the most advanced and best acne patches that are available on the market. It is a set of self-dissolving micro tips which easily melts deep into the surface of your skin. This product targets and clears out all kinds of acne and blemishes. It contains 65% of Hyaluronic acid micro tips that are infused with essential vitamin B3 and peptides.

  • ZitSticka Killa Pimple Patch

This super awesome ZitStickaKilla zit patch is one of the best selling pimple patch products and is made using tiny micro darts. The tiny micro darts helps in self dissolving the root cause of pimples by eradicating from within. Thus, this product eliminates the pimples at early stages so that you do not have to go through any kind of pain and drama. This product is free of parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, methylisothiazolinone, animal oils, formaldehyde, coal tar, benzalkonium chloride, hydroquinone or any kind of harmful ingredients. The sodium hydroxide that is present in this product helps in balancing the PH level of your skin and also reduces itchiness.

  • Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch is a waterproof product that helps in eliminating pimples and at the same time, it also reduces inflammation and redness caused due to acne/ pimples. This product is free from sulfate, paraben, oil, and fragrance. The product contains hydrocolloid which works amazing as a wound protecting patch. The betaine salicylate and white willow bark help in preventing blemishes. The product also reduces enlarged pores and blackheads.

  1. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface is a set of semi-sheer patches and is one of the game-changing products that have helped a lot of people with acne-prone skin. This product contains hydrocolloid that helps in reducing your pimples and redness of the skin.

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