Yoga, Zumba, Kickboxing or Aerobics? Which exercise style suits you!

Exercise of any kind is necessary in our daily life. Whether you choose aerobic classes, Zumba dance classes or practice yoga at home, the choice is yours. However, is it that simple? Shouldn’t you want to know which exercise medium suits you best?
If you are like me, you have been also confused about all the different styles of exercise and which one to opt for. Fret no more as we bring you the basics of each exercise medium so that you know which one fits your workout goals to the maximum, trouble free!

Hatha Yoga

Some diehard fans of yoga regard it as the way of life. Most people confuse Yoga with Hatha Yoga. While yoga means spiritual discipline where the mind acts as a center, on the other hand, hatha yoga refers to different bodily postures and movements which help us tone our bodies.
So if your goal is to tone your body with the help of yoga, hatha yoga is for you.
Hatha yoga presents the following advantages:

  • Flexibility

Yoga allows the muscles to become flexible with the help of complex bodily movements and postures.

  • Relaxation

Yoga is extremely relaxing and it helps get rid of worldly stress.

  • Muscle Strength

Yoga helps strengthen muscles to the core. Mainly targeting arms, legs and stomach region.


Zumba was founded by Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s and with the help of various aerobics, salsa and hip hop movements, one can lose weight effectively while toning the overall body The advantages are:

  • Stamina Booster

Zumba helps build stamina. It allows you to increase your endurance levels at an immense rate.

  • Overall Fitness

With the help of dance movements when all muscles work together, one can lose weight from the toughest areas effortlessly.

  • Cardiovascular Improvement

Zumba improves the cardiovascular system as the heart rate increases, unlike in yoga.

  • Uplifts Mood

Since it is based on dancing movements, with the help of energetic music, one can forget about worries and can become happy and positive.


Aerobics is a form of physical exercises where one can improve the cardiovascular system, flexibility, increase stamina and lose weight easily. It is a blend of stretching, cardio and strength training exercises. For alternate methods of cardio, go for a jog at the park, run on a treadmill or try a skipping rope.

The advantages of aerobics are as follows:

  • Flexibility

Aerobics improves flexibility as with different stretching techniques, one can tone the hardest reaching muscles.

  • Cardiovascular Strengthening

Since aerobics is all about bodily movement, it helps increase the heart rate, pump more blood across the body and enhance the cardiovascular functions.

  • Tones Overall

Aerobics targets not only the arms or legs but the body as a whole. One can lose weight from all areas if aerobics is practiced correctly.


Whether you are trying to increase your strength, flexibility, searching for a nice cardio routine or are simply trying to achieve coordination, kickboxing is one of its kind. It helps in:

  • Building Muscle Structure

With different leg and arm movements, one can tone the upper and the lower body effectively, working with different set of muscles.

  • Flexibility

Since you are using your arms and legs vigorously, you gain flexibility at an immense rate.

  • Total Body Workout

A kickboxing class works on all your muscles, enabling you to use your body as a whole to burn fat effectively.

  • Coordination Enhancer

When you push through a complex kickboxing routine, you are forced to coordinate the arm and leg movements which enable a better coordination.

  • Improved Balance

Standing on one foot is not easy. Kickboxing helps improve your balance so that you can kick harder and faster every single time.

Which Style Suits you?

Now that you are aware of the different styles of exercising, you can choose your favorite according to your fitness goals. If you want to become flexible without sweating too much, go for yoga. Likewise, if you want to sweat it out real hard, enroll yourself in a Zumba class.
The idea is to choose between cardio, strength training, weight lifting or HIIT! Good luck.

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